Barbara Roufs Death, Biography, Age, Early Life, Career, Net Worth

barbara roufs death
barbara roufs death

Barbara, one of the most stunning athletes, inspired racing. Her beautiful long straightened hair and ’60s gogo boots made her the perfect trophy girl. Roufs always stood out among trophy girls at tournaments. Determine Barbara Roufs‘ size and death.

Who is Barbara Roufs death?

Barbara Roufs Death, the 1970s driver, was loved by fans. And at 29, she was a good racer and a loving mother of two.

Barbara’s attractiveness was admired in Southern California’s drag racing scene. Many of her stunning race photos are on YouTube.

Originally from California, Barbara was a trophy girl and likely spent her childhood there. An era in drag racing ended when she died at 47.

After being born in 1944, Barbara Roufs grew up in vivid Southern California. Like her parents, Wayne Eldon Riley and Thelma Ruby Riles, she was friendly. Jim Riles, Bruce Riley, and Vivian Deaton, her biological siblings, enriched her family.

Barbara’s adopted brother Ben Gube was a remarkable family twist. A diverse familial line made Barbara appear destined for greatness.

Barbra’s mother, Thelma Ruby Riles, married Wayne Eldon Riley in 1942 and lived together for 50 years. Thelma spent 50 years running a beauty boutique in Clovis, beautifying church organs with accuracy and grace. Barbara’s remarkable life began with this rich background.

Barbara Roufs’ profile summary and bio

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Full name  Barbara 
Gender  Female 
Date of birth  1944 
Age  47 years (as of 1991) 
Death date  1991 
Place of birth  California, United States 
Nationality  American
Ethnicity Caucasian 
Religion  Christian 
Sexual orientation Straight 
Height  5 feet 5 inches
Hair colour  Brown 
Eye color  Brown 
Profession  Drag race trophy, girl, 

Daughter  Jet Dougherty 
Siblings  Vivian Deaton, James, Bruce, and Ben Gube 
Parents  Wayne Eldon and Thelma Ruby Riley

Barbara Roufs Early Life

After Barbara Roufs death, her adored daughter continues her legacy. Barbara’s father was a competitive motorcyclist, houseboat owner, and fisherman. Her parents were the first Clovis Hall of Fame inductees.

Barbara’s love of drag racing grew in California’s vibrant culture after she graduated. From driver to trophy girl, her job changed.

Barbara’s infectious grin and energy captivated viewers and left a lasting impression. Beyond motorsports, Barbara’s narrative is about family, numerous hobbies, and a colorful legacy that lives on.


Barbara won many drag racing championships and was the sixth-annual queen of the U.S. Professional Dragster Championship in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

She became a drag racing diva in 1973 when she became PDA queen. This age saw women wear shorts, long hair, and shorter clothing, while bras seemed to disappear.

Although elderly, Barbara Roufs, the drag racing trophy girl, was still popular with participants, audiences, and commercial endorsers. Her powerful presence created a lasting effect, not only her beauty.

Barbara shaped the 1970s drag racing races beyond her appearance. She rewarded the winners and became a prominent role in the Professional Dragster Association (PDA), shaping the sport’s history. 

Is Barbara part of a family?

barbara Roufs death was married with one child. She had Jet Dougherty at 29. Roufs’ husband is unknown.

In 2016, famous photographer Tom West astonished the audience with old images of Barbara Roufs’ daughter.

Barbara’s daughter Jet Dougherty posted memories on Facebook. Jet said Barbara’s short life was vibrant and fascinating. She hoped her mother’s internet presence would bring her happiness.

Crystal Dougherty, Roufs’ granddaughter, also enjoyed the images. She acknowledged her appearance and was confident. 

Cause of death

Tom West released a set of historical photos of Barbara as a trophy girl in 2016. In the comments, Barbara’s daughter Jet paid respect and shed light on her mother’s fame.

Jet was surprised to find her mother’s images online, but she said Barbara would have been proud. These photos depicted her best memories and finest days, capturing a life well lived. Jet also revealed that her mother, Barbara, committed suicide in January 1991. Despite this, her terrible decision’s causes was unknown. Barbara died at 47, living in Fresno, California, with her family.

These internet photographs bring Barbara’s story to life, underlining the necessity of honoring and appreciating her legacy. Recognizing Barbara’s existence outside the racetrack helps explain her tale and her impact on her admirers.

Children and Grandchildren

In 2016, renowned photographer Tom West shared Barbara Roufs’ antique photos. This confession caused Barbara’s daughter, Jet Dougherty (as identified on Facebook), to share touching recollections of her mother, surprising many.

Jet fondly remembered her mother’s joyful, unfortunately, brief life. She said Barbara would have been proud of being recognized online, her dream. Crystal Dougherty, Barbara’s granddaughter, was delighted to see her grandmother’s photos online and expressed pleasure and respect for her beauty. Barbara’s legacy is enhanced by online revelations about her great impact on her loved ones.

Barbara Roufs Net North

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Barbara Roufs Death was a 1970s drag race trophy girl and model. Trophy girl pay from that time is unknown.

Barbara has other income outside her wage. Barbara Roufs’ 1970s works are available online at several stores. The information available suggests her net worth is $1.5 million.

Professional Achievements

Roufs became a drag racing trophy girl in the late 1960s and early 1970s, winning the US Professional Dragster Championship at Orange County International Raceway. She became a sought-after figure for companies targeting drag racing fans outside the racetrack. Roufs’ image appeared in ads and goods, establishing the sport’s identity.

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Physical Dimensions

Barbara Roufs was one of the most beautiful women of her day, stunning anybody who saw her. Unfortunately, the lack of information on this aspect prevents us from providing accurate height and weight details. Due to data shortages, accurate assessments are difficult.

Examine the profiles of people going by Barbara Rouf

She died tragically in January 1991 at 47, perhaps by suicide. When Barbara Roufs was Southern California’s most popular racing queen in the early 1970s, Tom West shot her often.

Film posters include the 1968 “The Shakiest Pistol in the West” poster with Don Knotts and Barbara Rhoades. “American Nitro,” the best drag racing film ever, has several ladies.

Barbara Ann Rouf, born between 1942 and 1944 to Leonard Leroy Rouf and Anna Lulu Rouf, had a significant family event on April 30, 2010. Peter Lopez, her entertainment attorney husband of 20 years, committed suicide, changing her life.

On the other hand, Catherine Bach seemed perfect. Historical tapestry contributor Elenor Barbara Roufs was born in 1899. Barbara Ann Rouf, born 1942–1944, is related to Leonard Leroy and Anna Lulu Rouf.

Four out of five online records mention Barbara, and Wikipedia entries are incorporated in URLs. She stopped engaging with Wikipedia at this point. Her parents are Frederica Gunnhildr and Seamus Pegg, and she is Jean’s younger sister. In Poughkeepsie, New York, Barbara Rhoades was born on March 23, 1946.

Keeping Up the Racing Tradition: Thinking Back on Barbara Roufs 

Barbara Roufs Death young, yet her influence on drag racing and pop culture lives on. Barbara and others who helped shape drag racing’s identity are now appreciated due to 1970s nostalgia and a growing interest in its past. Barbara’s image and persona continue to inspire movies, articles, and social media tributes. She will be noted for her enormous drag racing culture impact.

Barbara Roufs’ Timeless Allure: A Contemporary Reimagining

Social media, documentary films, and a growing interest in vintage motorsports have reignited interest in Barbara Roufs and her era. This section of the article explores why modern audiences are drawn to Barbara’s genuineness, style, and pioneering attitude. It will also examine how modern reinterpretations of her legacy reflect changing gender, celebrity, and digital culture views of historical characters.


Barbara Roufs, a 1970s drag racing pioneer, won hearts with her personality and attractiveness. Beyond the prizes, her biography shows a strong, caring, devoted mother to two, making an indelible mark on the sport and its followers.

barbara Roufs Death went from racer to trophy girl in a Southern California mansion. She was more than a racer—her infectious energy and bright smile made her a legend. However, she died unexpectedly at 47, leaving us with unanswered questions.

Barbara’s legacy lives on in historical images and emotional online tributes during the recent interest. Barbara Roufs’ struggles and triumphs continue to inspire documentaries and social media conversations, making her a timeless inspiration.

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