What is Nitro Type? Everything You Need to Know

nitro type
nitro type

Launched on September 8, 2011, Nitro Type is a free online game developed by Austin Butler of It was taken out of beta in January 2012. Through real-time online competition with other players, Nitro helps make typing on a keyboard enjoyable. Playing Nitro Enter, you control a race car that moves only when you enter the text on the screen properly. 

Depending on your finish position, WPM, and accuracy, you receive experience and Nitro Cash (money) after finishing a race. Gaining this information levels your racer and allows you to receive special season bonuses. You can buy new cars, trails, stickers, and titles that you can personalize in your garage with the Nitro Cash you earn.

How to race in Nitro Type

Nitro-type races start with a few seconds to get set up and connect with other racers using stickers. Once the race counts down to “GO,” type the text precisely as indicated in the bottom-center box. A red alert appears when you type incorrectly. Instead of using Backspace, type the right character to fix the problem. If you typed “Example” with a lowercase “e,” the “E” would be highlighted in red. Type an uppercase “E” and finish the word to fix it.

What are Nitros?

The driver of a Nitro car can use the one Nitro they are allocated each race by pressing Enter. The racer moves past the word at hand when Enter is hit. Racers can finish races faster and bypass lengthy statements with the Nitro.

Why don’t I win even though my acc or WPM is higher?

To choose the winner, Nitro just considers the overall time it takes to finish the race. Not accuracy or WPM decides who wins.

How do I lose if we tie?

You can have the same time as the other person and yet lose the match, as the image below demonstrates. This is not indicated in the results; you either won or lost by a thousandth of a second.

Why did I get a disqualification?

In racing, any of the following could result in your disqualification.

  • You lose web access.
  • Your computer’s and the server’s Internet connection is lost.
  • There is no typing being detected by the game.
  • Extra game bugs.

Nitro Type racing tips

Please find below some Nitro racing advice.

  • Look at the screen just.
  • Putting accuracy first always comes before WPM.
  • Find the longest or trickiest words before the race begins, and conserve your Nitro for those.
  • Ignore your race position and the race cars; concentrate on the words you are typing.
  • Turn down the Nitro sound effects and music and use your own. Click the icons in the race window’s upper-left corner to mute these options.

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What is the garage?

nitro type

nitro type

Part of what’s seen in your profile (sample profile), your garage holds your vehicles and other items you’ve won from racing in the Nitro game. Click the “Customize Cars & Loot” option from your garage to select a car, paint it a different color, select a trail, choose your stickers, and alter your title.

What are trails?

On April 18, 2021, all players were able to access trails, which let racers display animations behind their automobiles. An automobile can, for instance, leave behind a binary trail of 0s and 1s.

What are titles?

Under the player’s display name are messages known as titles. These titles are given out in conjunction with accomplishments and season awards. A player holding the “Keyboard Cat” title, for instance, has accomplished the “Keyboard Cat” feat of racing 400 times in a session.

What is a session?

The number of races completed by a player in a session without pausing for longer than thirty minutes.

Do I run out of garage space? 

False. Your garage’s capacity increases as you acquire additional vehicles.

What is Nitro Cash?

Digital money used in Nitro is called Nitro Cash. Racing other players, season awards, and team prizes provided by colleagues are the ways to gain Nitro Cash. You can trade with other players and purchase featured and daily products released in the shop with this money.

How much money can a racer possibly have?

A racer can only have $4,294,967,295 in Nitro Cash at any one time. The maximum UInt32 value is this one.

What are bots in Nitro Type?

Race against bots (NPCs) and actual players in the Nitro game. These Nitro bots compete at a speed near your average WPM and show up if no actual competitors enter the race. Looking at the racing titles in the result allows one to tell a bot apart from a real player. Every bot, save The Wampus, is dubbed a “Nitro Type Bot.

What is The Wampus?

Should you defeat the Wampus bot in a race, you will receive $50,000 Nitro Cash.

What are seasons?

In 2019 Seasons took the role of Events. These one- to four-month tournaments provide racers with distinctive cars, cash, stickers, trails, and titles. Every racer is started at level 0 (zero) at the beginning of each new season and receives a prize for each level they reach. After hitting the highest season level, gold users go into an infinite tier where they can keep gaining levels and receive $100,000 Nitro Cash for each one until the following season.

How to increase Nitro Type points?

Race as many games as you can to gain points, and practice raising your accuracy and WPM. Your team and you will score more points the more accurately and with a higher WPM you complete each race.

What are friends and teams?

nitro type

nitro type

Friends on Nitro Type

Sending buddy requests to other racers is how you become friends in Nitro. Once accepted, you can race against any online friend by viewing your pals in the pals area.

Teams on Nitro Type

Anyone can create a Nitro team for $50,000 Nitro Cash. Teams compete to score the most points in seven days with up to 50 racers. If your team scores enough points, they can join Top Teams (top 100). If your team makes the top 50, everyone gets a champion insignia. Top 1, 2, and 3 Teams include the top 1, 2, and 3 team members.

Teams compete hard for the Top 100 spots, especially the Top 10. If you’re in a team and wish to move up, check a competitor’s Last 24 Hours race count. To rank in the Top 100, your team must compete in 709 races every day if the team in position 100 raced 709 in the preceding 24 hours.

How to communicate as a team

Team communication in Nitro is handled by the (MotD) “Message of the Day” feature. Captain and officers update the MotD. Only with the stickers supplied can the other team members interact with the MotD.

How to move or dissolve a Nitro Type squad

Since the creators of Nitro hardly ever keep dormant teams up to date, an inactive team might stay on the platform for years or until the captain quits. You can disband your team to join another one. Disbanding removes the team.

How can I join a team?

The Team area lists every team that has extended an invitation to you. To view the top 100 teams on Nitro and choose a team to join, click Nitro Top Teams. To join a team right away, click the red “Join This Team” button if the enrollment for that team is “Open” and you fulfill the prerequisites. You have to click the “Apply to Join” button and wait for acceptance or rejection, though, if the team has an “Apply” enrollment.

Buying and selling Nitro Type accounts

A few gamers buy, sell, and swap thousands of race Nitro Type accounts. The worth of many accounts has decreased, nevertheless, as it is simple to generate new accounts with 30–50 thousand races by cheating.

Cheating on Nitro Type

Regretfully, some players in Nitro Type cheat, much as in most other online competitive games. Players of Nitro share accounts, bots, sandbags, and macros. Nitro has CAPTCHAs to help stop some botting and bans users found to be cheating. But it’s clear from observing the best racers competing around the clock in hundreds of thousands of races that some cheaters never stop.

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