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Trendy video material abounds on TikTok, one of the popular social media platforms. But when they access, investigate, and watch TikTok, several people prefer to remain anonymous.

This is very simple to do with Urlebird, a TikTok viewer app that allows you to anonymously stalk other users on the network. Furthermore, you can view other people’s movies in private and monitor their actions. This page will define the app and address its legality and safety.

What Is Urlebird?

You may watch TikTok videos on your stable network by using the website Urlebird. It offers a lot of benefits and is also useful since you can learn a lot about TikTok users, challenges, videos, and hashtags. It is thus quite helpful if you enjoy the website but would like to remain anonymous.

Is it safe to use the Urlebird?

The answer is not simple if you are wondering if the app is safe or if this software is lawful. You may access the whole TikTok user biography with it.

Nevertheless, as TikTok has all rights and authorization over its video material, the app makes it quite evident that it is not connected to the latter.

Before using the app, as a user, you must read all of its terms and conditions. You may find out more about their operations by visiting their website, particularly by reading through the sections on about us, terms of use, removal, and privacy policies.

Though it’s yet unknown if the app is safe, one thing is certain: a lot of advertisements show up on the app to break up your viewing and send you to other websites. 

Is Urlebird Anonymous?

Urlebird’s stance on user anonymity and privacy is yet somewhat unclear. On the one hand, the site outlines a privacy policy explaining how users may ask for shared content to be removed together with several legal justifications for its operations. Some counter that material is difficult to remove upon request and that this procedure is not always followed in reality. Though Urlebird is open about its terms and features, some user experiences make one wonder about this position.

How to Download Videos from Urlebird or TikTok?



Users wishing to store films on their own devices from sites like Urlebird and TikTok have a few choices. Using a specific web movie downloader is one often-used technique. With services like CleverGet Video Downloader, videos from more than 1000 websites—including TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more—can be downloaded directly without requiring complex technological procedures. Every downloaded video in MP4, MKV, WebM, or other widely used formats can have a resolution of up to 8K. Here are the easy procedures to download Urlebird or TikTok videos with CleverGet Video Downloader software.

Download CleverGet Video Downloader

Just click the relevant “Download” option for your device and follow the setup wizard to finish.

Find the video on Urlebird or Tiktok

Use the integrated browser in CleverGet Video Downloader or copy and paste the video link straight into the program to download videos from TikTok or Urlebird. 

Start to download videos

The software will search every source once you’ve played the video. Select the preferred quality and format once the analysis is finished. Then to download Urlebird or TikTok videos to your computer, click the “Download” option.

CleverGet keeps you updated on download speed and remaining time in real time on the right “Library” sidebar. Following the download, you can access and control the files in the directory.

How can I use the Urlebird app?

You have to go to the official Urlebird website first to find out more about it and how to use it. It will let you make use of all its alluring features and advantages, such as downloading the videos to your device for offline viewing without any watermark and accessing all TikTok video material without being seen.


Launch the Urlebird website and look for the account you prefer or look for the trendiest videos based on hashtags.


Playing the video will display a “Download” option.


After scrolling down, you will see hashtags together with information on video views, comments, shares, and descriptions. Please be aware, nevertheless, that the comment content is hidden.

Primary Features of Urlebird

Some of the most amazing and admirable characteristics are prompted by Urlebird; you can check them all out below.

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TikTok Video Download

Visit the Urlebird official website to get the TikTok videos. Therefore, you can utilize the TikTok video download function of the TikTok online viewer Urlebird if you plan to have a copy of your favorite TikTok videos on your mobile device.



Used Profile Analysis

You may view a specific user’s profile by entering their username into the Urlebird app download. By doing this, you can obtain information about the videos, the number of followers, and more.

Video Insights

Your video’s shares, comments, and likes can all be accessed by entering the TikTok video URL into the Urlebird timeline.

Hashtag Analysis

You may find more TikTok videos you could have been searching for by seeing the hot hashtags and everything relevant stuff using the Urlebird TikTok.

Download the TikTok music

Urlebird.com offers the ability to download TikTok videos together with the audio tracks from those downloads.

Functionality of Urlebird

  • For accessing the specific TikTok profile on this platform, TikTok Urlebird does not require you to check in with your own or TikTok credentials.
  • No one will be able to tell that you’re following the TikTok profile if you use it to anonymously watch the stories and videos they submit.

Is There Any Urlebird Alternative?

These five Urlebird alternatives will make social media streaming easier for you:


The popular social media management application Hootsuite lets you handle several social media accounts from a single dashboard. Post-scheduling, discussion monitoring, and social media performance tracking are all possible with Hootsuite. Along with TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, the platform supports more than 35 social media networks.


Another easy-to-use option for Urlebird to manage its social media presence is Buffer. Post-scheduling, teamwork, and social media performance analysis are all possible with it. Common social networking sites supported by the platform include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Sprout Social

A competitor to Urlebird, Sprout Social assists companies in expanding their social media presence. Features it provides include posting scheduling, keyword tracking, and social media performance analysis. The site integrates with well-known social media sites including Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Social media scheduling tool Later was created especially for Instagram. Users of this Urlebird substitute can organize, time, and share their Instagram stories, videos, and posts. To increase user interaction, the site also offers tools like statistics, user-generated content curation, and hashtag recommendations.


An Instagram-focused social media management platform called Iconosquare assists businesses in making the most of their account. Among the features of this Urlebird substitute are posting scheduling, mentions and comments monitoring, and Instagram performance tracking. Users of the site may also learn about the interests, geography, and demographics of their followers.


A website called Urlebird attracted notice for allowing users to download TikTok movies without watermarks and watch them without being detected. For a trustworthy substitute, CleverGet Video Downloader is what we suggest. Downloading movies from several sites, including TikTok, is made easy and seamless with this program. CleverGet allows you to personalize your output directory, locate and download videos quickly, track the download process, and enjoy your favorite stuff offline.

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